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With FIFA 19 just weeks away, FIFA 18 Ultimate Team has well and truly died out. This seems to happen most years. After the hype around Team of the Season, the majority of players take a break from the game to relax before the new title drops in late September. EA has tried many different things to keep players gripped to their games during July, August, and September, but most have failed. The only thing that succeeded was the FIFA 14 World Cup add-on. This was because it was fresh content that everyone wanted to take part in.

EA is trying, once again, to bring players back to the game during the late periods of its cycle. They have released one final promotion which allows players to access the best items in the game, for free.

As soon as you log in to the game, you will be given a message which tells you that EA have created their Ultimate Team, and they will be giving it to you for eight games.

How do I access the new items?

It is extremely simple to access the new items. All you have to do is log in to Ultimate Team, scroll over to your pack section, and you will have The Ultimate Team pack right there.

As soon as you open this, you will be greeted with 18 of EA’s favorite players from FIFA 18. This ranges from 99 rated Cristiano Ronaldo to 97 rated David De Gea and everything in between.

What will happen for the rest of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 18 will most likely die out now. As players claim their final items, we will see teams which only include these players. This will make it pretty unenjoyable and stale in Ultimate Team. You may still see people playing modes such as Career Mode, however, this is the only fresh mode for most Ultimate Team players. It is very likely that this is the final promotion in FIFA 18. It has been a good year, however, I am sure that most players are ready for the new season to roll around.

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