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After a miraculous five-match epic in the NA World Series of Warzone Trios Finals, it all came down to the SoloYolo event. One match, one winner, and one massive prize of $100,000.

Last year, it was Seth “Scump” Abner who won it all in the SoloYolo. This year, it was Fifakill, who actually finished second in last year’s EU SoloYolo tournament. Instead of competing on the EU side again this year, Fifakill flew out to California to compete with his team for for the Finals as well as compete in the SoloYolo. It turns out, that was the best decision he possibly could have made, as he’s now $100,000 richer.

The NA SoloYolo was entirely different from the EU event yesterday. Instead of players fighting each other in heart-stopping gunfights, many of the NA contestants decided to drive around in Jeeps. At one point, the official Call of Duty broadcast couldn’t view a player that wasn’t driving around in a car. The mini-map looked like a version of Mad Max, as Scump so eloquently put it as he himself was cruising around trying to figure out what to do.

When players weren’t behind the wheel, there was some moderate action going on between Warzone’s biggest names. Aydan sat in a garage doing emotes while Tommey tried to kill everything that moved. The ending is where things really picked up, though. As a majority of players drove around, some players found themselves in terrific power positions. 100 Thieves’ Rated was holed up in a building, looking like the most dangerous player on the map, when he was killed by a Precision Airstrike through the wall. Meanwhile, Minnesota ROKKR’s Blazt tried to make a hero play in the gas during the final circle, but was eventually run over by a car driven by Pieman.

Eventually, the best play was made by Fifakill, who took a balloon and floated over the final circle for the last minute or so. He got a clear view of players eliminating each other on the ground and when it was finally time to come down, he third-partied Pieman, who just eliminated Swagg, to win the match.

And with that, the 2022 competitive season of Warzone — at least for Caldera — is over. There will be a Fortune’s Keep Resurgence event happening in October, though, so Warzone fans can get excited for that.

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