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FIFA 19 Web App release confirmed for Wednesday, Sept. 19

As with every year, the FIFA Web App releases about a week before the official release of the game. The Web App is an application that can be accessed from mobile, tablet, PC, or Mac. It allows the player to control their Ultimate Team, similarly to how they would in the full game. The only difference is that you cannot play games on the Web App. Players will be able to do things such as open packs, buy players, complete Squad Builder Challenges (SBC), and make their first squads, among some other things.

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As the Web App rolls out, players will be able to get a head start on their competitors in the community. If you know how to trade to make a profit, you will be able to take huge advantage of this early start. Also, I will be sharing one of the best trading methods for the start of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team to help you make a huge profit.

How to access the web app

It is often a difficult period for EA as everyone in the FIFA Ultimate Team community is trying to access the Web App. Often, the classic “EA servers” joke floats around as most people cannot establish a connection. This will most likely be the case this year too. You will need to go to the Web App page on the EA FIFA site; you can find that here. Then you will have to log in, and that is pretty much it! You should wait for an official EA account to tweet about the Web App being live on Wednesday, Sept. 19, then just refresh until you are in.

What to do on the Web App

As mentioned in a previous article, you will be able to do a plethora of things in the Web App to start your club. Things such as opening your starter packs will be something that everyone does. If you played FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, you will have between three and six packs to open, depending on your game-time. These packs can offer all of the players in the database, so your chances of securing a top-tier player are there! You will not be able to select your Champions League pick player if you preordered the higher editions of FIFA 19; that will most likely come with the official release of the game.

You will also be able to make a profit through the Web App. Methods such as trading through the transfer market and taking advantage of SBC features will allow some players to stack their coins before anyone has played a game.

Trading with Ones to Watch items

After doing some research into trading tips for the start of FIFA 19, I found a fantastic video from a YouTuber named ELYYT; this video gives an in-depth rundown on how the market might work at the start of FIFA 19. You can find his video here. I thoroughly recommend watching it. However, he talks about trading with Ones to Watch items. These items will release on day one of FIFA 19, unlike other years.

Ones to Watch items are dynamic to how a player plays in real life. If he plays well, then this card will automatically upgrade if they receive an In-form item. This was proven to be a great method for traders last year. Players such as Mohammed Salah were not expected to do a lot in their season; however, they turned out to be great long-term investments. It is best to work in weekly investments throughout the start of the game so you can stack up your coins early on.

These are just some small things that may help people throughout the start of the game and especially during the Web App release. However, we may have to wait until the release of the Web App to see what happens. I will also be making a trading guide roughly one week into the release of the game, so stay tuned to our FIFA coverage for that, which you can find here.