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FIFA 19 achievements were released to the public on Wednesday. These achievements are not usually things that most FIFA players look towards when first purchasing the game. However, some of the items on this list are interesting for some game modes – specifically, The Journey.

In the table below, you see a lot of achievements that may contain some spoilers to FIFAs story mode, The Journey. Things such as “score in the basketball hoop at Venice” are spoilers that Alex Hunter may be on the move around certain parts of the world. Alternatively, this could just mean Venice Beach, close to where Alex played for LA Galaxy in FIFA 18.

These achievements are not completely the same to FIFA 18‘s achievement list, but they do share the same aspects. Ultimate Team players will notice that there are rewards for simply playing certain aspects of the mode. There are also some points available for doing things in matches, which could correlate with Ultimate Team.

Also, some of the achievements that are visible show challenges that most players will complete, without even realizing. Things such as winning cup finals or completing a certain type of match should be easy for most FIFA players.

All of the challenges vary from mode to mode in FIFA. This shows that EA Sports are trying to get players to play each mode in depth to unlock these achievements. For the players who will buy the game to unlock the achievements, these shouldn’t be too much of a challenge as they just entail playing the modes and making the difficulty the lowest possible setting.

Are there any challenges that look more difficult than others? Also, which challenges will you complete first? We’d love to hear from you. I also covered the things we know so far about Ultimate Team as well as some things that you may not know about The Journey. Feel free to check them out!