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All the details that you need to know leading up to the FIFA 19 demo

With the release of FIFA 19 later this month, players are awaiting the demo for the new title. The FIFA 19 demo builds are highly anticipated in the community. This is because the demo allows players a first taste of new gameplay,and it also allows players to practice before the new game releases. Finally, players will be able to test out some new features, which we will touch on later in this article.

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Release date

There’s one piece of information that every player needs to know: When does the FIFA 19 demo release? The honest answer is that we do not know. However, we do have a good idea. The community has been speculating the release of the demo, with the most logical points coming from NepentheZ with the tweet below.

When the demo does have a release date, it will be uncertain at what time it will drop on each console. That’s because EA relies on each separate platform’s stores to update before they release the demo. This means that either we will have to wait until EA officially tweets from their account, or we will have to sit on the store waiting for the game to show up.


A demo build of FIFA 19 was playable at Gamescom 2018, which gave consumers a good idea as to what will be in the FIFA 19 demo. EA often includes a selection of teams from different parts of the world (partnered teams with EA). This will most likely include Manchester United, Juventus, PSG, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and many others. This information is based on updated ratings, kits, player faces, and squads from FIFA 19 footage. Teams such as Liverpool did not have updated features, meaning that they probably will not be playable until FIFA 19 fully releases.


With the introduction of the new kick-off modes in FIFA 19, we should expect these in the FIFA 19 demo. However, we will most likely see only one of the multiple modes. Otherwise, players could play the all-new modes without buying the game, which is a waste of a feature in EA’s eyes.

We should also expect to see some sort of UEFA competition in the FIFA 19 demo. EA has struck a huge deal with UEFA for Champions League, Europa League, and Super Cup licensing in FIFA 19, after all. These modes will become somewhat stale after one playthrough. However, playing on the hardest difficulty will allow fans to practice with the new gameplay features in FIFA 19.

It would be great if EA could take a note out of Konami’s book with the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 demo. A feature that would translate well from this to the FIFA 19 demo would be the addition of online play in the demo. The single player game modes in FIFA demos of the past have been good for three or four games, but they certainly became boring. This is a bad thing for EA, as new players may think that the boring nature of the demo correlates with the final product.

The Journey

The Journey has been a key feature in FIFA since FIFA 17. I have written numerous articles on this game mode in FIFA. You can check out details about The Journey here. However, gameplay has already been released by all of the “Game Changers” who are associated with EA when giving community feedback. So, this will most likely be the gameplay that we will be seeing in the FIFA 19 demo. The gameplay doesn’t give anything away but leaves on a small cliffhanger. Also, the addition of Kim Hunter and Danny Williams in the menu will entice new players. We know that the additional players will not be accessible in the demo build of the game.

Ultimate Team

We have not seen any Ultimate Team implementation in the FIFA demo builds since FIFA 16. This was because of the addition of the Draft mode within Ultimate Team. However, it would make sense for EA to add their most popular mode to the demo. This would whet the appetite of all Ultimate Team players, as well as give new players a taste for the mode that they will most likely be playing. I personally do not know how they could implement any new features of Ultimate Team into a demo build. However, this game mode is needed in the demo of the game, in my opinion.


The ratings are always “not final” in demo builds of FIFA. However, they often give gamers a good idea of the final ratings in the game. They allow competitive fans to start planning their teams for Ultimate Team. In addition to this information, EA will release the top 100-rated players in Ultimate Team over a one-week period sometime before the release. It may even happen before the demo releases.

This is another key event that EA holds every year. People often study certain statistics of players to see who will suit their play style. This means that competitive gamers can be extremely efficient when creating their teams, instead of testing new players and losing games when these players do not suit them.

How to utilize the demo

As mentioned previously, the demo becomes stale after a few games. However, I recommend that you play through all the different modes to get a feel for the new gameplay. Then you should continuously bump up the difficulty until you can consistently beat the highest difficulty on the demo. This may seem like a huge grind, but practice makes perfect. If you can master the new gameplay mechanics during the demo stage, you will certainly be at an advantage when the game drops at the end of the month. Finally, I recommend studying YouTube videos about new skill moves and techniques to beat players in FIFA 19. The best videos have come from Kazooie94 thus far. These techniques will not be used by other players early on, meaning you will have yet another advantage.

What are you most looking forward to in the FIFA 19 demo? Also, which game modes are you looking forward to the most in FIFA 19? We’d love to hear from you. If you want to see more information about FIFA 19, check out our archives here.