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Riot Games recently asked the League of Legends players to vote on the champion that will receive a rework in 2020. The results are now in, and fortunately for us, the vote was super close. As reported on the Nexus page, the difference between Volibear and Fiddlesticks in votes was less than 100 votes in some regions. Due to the negligible difference, Riot decided both champions will be receiving a visual and gameplay update in 2020.

The post digs deeper into the voting, showing the percentages of votes each champion got. Looking at the global votes, Shyvana came in third with approximately 4 percent fewer votes than Fiddle or Voli. Dr. Mundo got the least votes, as only 14 percent of voters selected him. However, the voting went a little differently in China. There, Shyvanna actually got the most votes, while Nocturne got the least. Riot noted they will keep this in mind when deciding on the League of Legends rework that follows Fiddlesticks and Volibear.

An insight into the upcoming reworks

The team that will be working on both reworks shared a few thoughts going into this process. For Volibear, Riot Lutzburg pointed out they want to preserve his spirit and still let him do ‘bear things’ in the updated version. They further added they’d like to keep his ‘thunder god’ aesthetic going while integrating more of it into his kit. A narrative writer also gave us a glimpse into what his updated story might look like.

Moving on to Fiddlesticks, the team noted he will keep his iconic ambusher role in the updated version. They further explained this is the true art of playing Fiddle, so they will try to add new mechanics to further allow him to do that. Kindlejack, a Riot concept artist, expressed how happy he is that Fiddle got chosen as one of the characters. He said it has been a dream of his to work on Fiddle ever since he joined Riot. Furthermore, he showed some sketches he scribbled in his sketchbook of possible designs. Lastly, one of the League of Legends narrative writers stated he wants to make Fiddle ‘the most terrifying champion in the game, without exception’. Riot also promised they will keep us updated on their progress during the process.

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