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Earlier this week, it was discovered that the Call of Duty League team Atlanta FaZe shares a nearly-identical logo to that of Alpha Forward, a lifestyle clothing brand for women. The similarities between the two brands’ logos was originally tweeted about by Easy Mac, an analyst for Atlanta FaZe. However, after fans on Twitter did some digging, they realized that Alpha Forward and its logo were created and trademarked in 2017. Atlanta FaZe was not trademarked until 2019 when the CDL initially launched.

The two logos are strikingly similar. They both use the “AF” design that has become so popular thanks to the success of FaZe’s CDL team. Atlanta FaZe is a partnership between FaZe Clan and Atlanta Esports Ventures, the latter of which is owned by Cox Enterprise. So while Atlanta is a separate entity from FaZe Clan, the organization does partly own the CDL team.

Alpha Forward also has some geometric designs above the AF logo but the lettering itself is identical to FaZe’s. From the curves on the outer edges of the F to the left-hand side spacing of the A and even the small space in the A itself are all the same in both logos, as Jake Lucky pointed out on Twitter.

When Atlanta FaZe analyst Easy Mac tweeted about the similarities of the logos, he stated that Alpha Forward actually stole the logo from the team. Those tweets are now deleted, as Alpha Forward founder Evan Childs tweeted a picture of Alpha Forward’s patent and trademark for the business and logo, which were filed in December of 2017. The filing even states that the logo uses the AF lettering with two quadrilaterals above it.

As of right now, there’s no word on if Alpha Forward will look to take this matter any further. The logos themselves are technically different, as the Alpha Forward iteration has the quadrilaterals above the AF. FaZe’s just has the AF lettering along with the words “Atlanta FaZe” in a specific font below it.