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The latest classic map to appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Express, currently features a highly exploitable bug. The map arrived recently as another Black Ops 2 throwback, and has had a positive reaction as a result. However, gameplay aside, developer Treyarch seems to have missed an exploit that players are now starting to take advantage of.

A new bug involves the use of a specific attachment that enables the player to see through walls. Obviously, this is a major exploit that’s not intended by the developer. Nevertheless, it’s currently present in the game, and needs addressing.

Wallhack bug is ravaging Express in Black Ops Cold War

If you’ve played a match on Express since its release, there is a chance you’ve run into this exploit already. More and more players are beginning to reap the rewards from it, further popularizing the glitch. Videos cropping up online are also helping spread knowledge of the bug.

The exploit involves the Tiger Team Spotlight Body attachment in Black Ops Cold War. Available for most weapons, this attachment is a flashlight that allows players to see enemy tags from further away. So far, It’s had a niche use on maps like Cartel, but it’s never truly been a part of the meta until now.

A recent Reddit clip demonstrates why the attachment is so dominant on Express.

(Major Bug) Tiger Team Spotlight lets you see through the doors and walls of the train on express from blackopscoldwar

As the clip shows, the Tiger Team Spotlight Body attachment allows the player to see the enemy’s red nametags through the wall of the train. From there, the player can shoot through the wall where the highlighted enemy is located, creating a wallhack of sorts.

While the attachment is technically showing enemies at a farther distance, this is clearly not its intention. Treyarch presumably overlooked this when remaking Express, which is understandable, as this is a pretty uncommon situation.

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Returning map Express, as featured in Black Ops Cold War. Image via Treyarch

Nevertheless, the bug needs to be patched before too many players catch wind of its exploitative nature. Treyarch has not yet commented on the issue or included it on its list of in-progress fixes. As a franchise, CoD seems to be getting used to fixing bugs though. Cheaters are ravaging Warzone at present, and it seems like all current versions of Call of Duty need shoring up.

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