Evil Geniuses upset LCS spring playoff expectations with explosive sweep
Evil Geniuses Danny and Jojopyun, who are in the LCS spring playoff grand final

Evil Geniuses upset LCS spring playoff expectations with explosive sweep

After defeating a strong Team Liquid, EG are just one series away from the LCS title

Evil Geniuses surpassed all expectations and eliminated Team Liquid from the 2022 League Championship Series spring playoffs in a dominant, 3-0 fashion. Thanks to major performances from young guns like bot laner Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki, Evil Geniuses will move forward to face 100 Thieves on Sunday to compete for the LCS spring playoff championship.

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Team Liquid uncharacteristically dominated

Entering the series, many fans and analysts alike believed Team Liquid were the better team coming into the series. Despite a close loss to 100 Thieves in the previous round, Team Liquid still showed their prowess in the first two games and before falling to a reverse sweep.

On top of that, the veteran experience of players like Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in would most likely carry them through the next round and place them back in the final for a rematch against 100 Thieves. But today, that wasn’t the case.

While each game turned explosive in different ways, the first produced one of the greatest moments in LCS history. In a game where Evil Geniuses played from behind most of the time, a miraculous Baron steal and pentakill from Danny secured a game that seemed unwinnable. This built wave of momentum rarely seen against such stiff competition.

Meanwhile, despite Team Liquid having early-game laning leads in both games two and three, Evil Geniuses stabilized and won out late. Ornn items game to the rescue in Game 2 while a well secured Ocean Soul proved useful in Game 3.

In several moments during games two and three, EG simply outplayed Team Liquid despite jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen stealing a some objectives to keep his team in the series.

Thanks to their performance, Evil Geniuses have the opportunity to take down the defending LCS champions, 100 Thieves in the spring playoff grand final, which starts Sunday at 3 .p.m. ET. While it’s impossible to say whether EG can repeat such a feat, Danny did say after the series that he thought Team Liquid were better than 100 Thieves.

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