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The ex-NRG roster Evil Geniuses (EG) has been crowned as the best current CSGO team, according to HLTV’s weekly rankings. Alongside this, Astralis has dropped to second place, while Fnatic has overtaken Team Liquid in the latest update to the CSGO ranking.

Evil Geniuses continue their fantastic stride

Coming off of another strong win at StarSeries i-League Season 8, the American roster has reached its way to the very top of HLTV’s ranking. EG has dethroned Astralis and leads by a marginal, yet significant, 30 points. The Danes did not attend the StarSeries event and have failed to find a LAN trophy ever since their surprise comeback victory at the StarLadder CSGO Major.

Astralis are, however, attending Blast Pro Series Copenhagen on the first of November. If they can snatch a win on home turf, then surely they’ll slot right back into the first place. For now, however, the throne is occupied by the American EG powerhouse.

Team Liquid drop as Fnatic slide into #3

Similar to Astralis, EG’s home rivals, Team Liquid, did not attend the StarSeries CSGO event. After showing an amazing form in early 2019, when the American side won 5 LANs in a row, their form has not been as good as of late. They disappointed at the StarLadder Major and have lost their consistency over their last couple of outings.

Meanwhile, Fnatic seem to be picking up steam. Following a general overhaul of the organization, the legendary CSGO team is starting to look great once again. The Swedes faced EG at the final of the StarSeries tournament, in which they lost. However, they have previously triumphed over at DreamHack Masters Malmo. If Jesper “JW” Wecksell’s Fnatic can keep going the way they have been lately, then we may have the old Fnatic make a return to seriously contend for the #1 slot.

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