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Despite rising COVID-19 cases, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid have chosen to continue using their training facilities. The organizations shared statements with esports interviewer Travis Gafford following a series of positive COVID-19 tests among other League of Legends teams.

No longer playing remotely

Evil Geniuses revealed their plans to follow strict COVID-19 protocols as their facility will be limited to essential staff and players. Along with testing and sanitation measures, players will also be subject to social distancing rules. Unfortunately, although CLG had the same protocols, some players still tested positive for the virus.

Located in Los Angeles, Evil Geniuses’ training facility sits at the heart of one of the largest COVID-19 hot spots. The number of cases has recently reached 50 thousand, as deaths continue to rise past 500. Although there has been significant progress in vaccine expansion, the virus is still extremely contagious if people are not sufficiently socially distancing.

Along with widely-used regulations, Team Liquid plans to provide players with individually packaged meals, microbial soap at every sink, and hand sanitization stations at their facilities and housing. In the event where a Team Liquid staff member is found COVID-19 positive, the facility will follow immediate shut down procedures.

At the height of the pandemic, every esports team had to change plans to compete remotely. As it’s been over a year since the start of the global pandemic, travel and recreational restrictions have eased up, especially in the US. Most likely due to this, businesses have gained more confidence in reopening along with proper protocols. This is the same strategy both teams are going with, but it’s not one hundred percent foolproof.

Staying safe in the Spring Split

The League of Legends Championship Series will soon begin, and ten teams are getting ready to compete in the Lock In kick-off tournament. The games begin tomorrow, Jan. 15 and will continue through Jan. 31, right before the LCS starts on Feb. 5. In this time frame, teams may be practicing for extended hours while expected to continue social distancing.

Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid will update their COVID-19 protocols as the situation continues to develop.

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