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In a recent Ask Riot question answering segment, the developer gave fans a soft release date of September for League of Legend’s next champion, Vex.

Vex has been teased by Riot for some time now, with mentions in the April Champion Roadmap and a developer video in January. The next champion seems to be a Yordle connected with the current Sentinels event that uses her shadow as a weapon. Here is everything we know about the upcoming champion.

League of Legends’ latest mage

Riot originally thought of the new champion as an artillery mage, akin to Ryze or Xerath, but have iterated into just a stock mage. Vex is described as a character who wants to stop other champions from dashing around using her shadow. So, the champion may have crowd control abilities, or something similar to Poppy’s spell that stops enemy dashes around her.

The LoL champion’s designated role on release is the mid lane, as Riot think of Vex as a classic mid lane mage and doesn’t want to flex her to support or top. How that will play out on release is still up in the air.

According to Riot’s Lead Producer of Champions, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, Vex’s shadow has been hard to balance and thus pushed back her release date. The champion was originally slated to drop before the Akshan, the latest champion.

How Vex fits into the LoL new event

The Ruination and Sentinels of Light events have cascaded into every aspect of Riot Games’ titles and Vex is no exception. The dark Yorlde appears in the in-game client visual novel as the main antagonist. She is the one giving Veigo the power to send the mist over Runeterra and is the Sentinels of Lights’ main enemy in the story.

The new champion will hit live servers in September with more teaser and gameplay reveals on the horizon in the next month.

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