Everything to know about the Egg Event in Pokémon UNITE
Pokémon UNITE egg event
Eggs galore for Pokémon UNITE fans. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE

Everything to know about the Egg Event in Pokémon UNITE

Azumarill brings a new event with it

The newest Pokémon UNITE event started on Friday, and this time it involves eggs! With the release of Azumarill as the newest All-Rounder, Pokémon UNITE has updates for every player this week. Here is everything to know about the new Egg Event in Pokémon UNITE.

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How to get Eggs in Pokémon UNITE

There are two ways to get Eggs in the Pokémon UNITE Egg Event. The first is the log-in bonus, which rewards players for logging into the game every day. The more that a player logs in consecutively, the more eggs they will earn. The number of eggs varies between 50 and 100 eggs depending on how many consecutive days that a player has logged in. Logging in 10 days in a row gives players a whopping 200 Eggs.

Another way to gain Eggs is through the Daily Egg Missions. These quests reset every day and are as follows:

Knock Out Drednaw once – 30 Eggs

Participate in a ranked match – 15 Eggs

Score a total of five goals – 15 Eggs

Score a total of 50 points – 15 Eggs

Use a UNITE move twice in a single game – 15 Eggs

All of these quests can be completed in a single ranked game of Pokémon UNITE, and a player doesn’t have to touch them again until the next day.

What can you get from Egg Exchange

After a player has done all of the missions above, they are able to trade in the accumulated Eggs in the Egg Exchange, which allows players to gain Items, Holowear Skins, and several other boosts to gain resources.

The prize out of the Egg Exchange is Pastel Style Wigglytuff, an exclusive holowear for the event. Players can also try and get the Pastel Style Background that matches with a Pastel Style Frame to style every player’s trainer card. Beyond that, players can also exchange Eggs according to their own needs. A few Aeos Coins towards your next purchase, Item Enhancers to get another Held Item to higher levels or even Aeos Tickets for your next fashion upgrade.

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