Everything new coming to COD Mobile Season 6
COD Mobile Season 6
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Everything new coming to COD Mobile Season 6

There's a lengthy slate of content coming with Season 6

Earlier this week, the developers of COD Mobile revealed all of the details regarding the Season 6 update. Arriving on June 29, the Season 6 update is titled “To the Skies” and features aerial themes across battle royale and multiplayer. This differs from Season 5, which was titled “Tropical Vision” and introduced some tropical themes to the game.

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COD Mobile Season 6 will deliver a slate of content for both multiplayer and battle royale. This also includes the shared content that comes with the seasonal Battle Pass, which will once again feature 100 tiers of mainly cosmetic items. However, there will also be two new weapons thrown into the mix, which players can unlock through playing the game or by buying them directly from the Battle Pass.

Season 6 multiplayer content

First up is multiplayer, which sees the introduction of a fan-favorite map from a beloved game. Favela, originally made for Modern Warfare 2 in 2009, will be the first map introduced in Season 6. The version of Favela in COD Mobile will be from Call of Duty: Ghosts, though, and not MW2. This could be because Activision is planning to release MW2’s version of Favela in the upcoming Modern Warfare II, which is the next main series Call of Duty title. Nevertheless, Favela will arrive with Season 6.

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There are also two new weapons coming to battle royale as well. The weapons, which were leaked via the test server, are the KSP-45 and L-CAR 9. The KSP-45 is a three-round burst submachine gun while the L-CAR 9 is a fully automatic pistol. Both weapons originate from Black Ops 4.

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Season 6 battle royale content

On the BR side of things, COD Mobile is taking the To the Skies theme literally and introducing the Jackal Fighter Jet. These planes will be scattered around the BR map and are available for players to get in and fly. Players also have weapons at their disposal, including missiles, decoys and a Gatling machine gun. To stop these Jackals from dominating matches, COD Mobile is also introducing the Anti Air Gun. This gun can take down the fighter jets as long as players use them correctly.

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COD Mobile Season 6 will arrive on June 29 at 8 p.m. ET.

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