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After playing for Dignitas in 2022, support Vincent “Biofrost” Wang expected to don the black and yellow once again for the 2023 League Championship Series season. That expectation has come to pass, but nowhere near in the way that Biofrost expected.

DIG’s 2022 LCS season came to a quiet end. The team started off looking promising in spring, but failed to develop past their admittedly impressive initial form. After things went from bad to worse in summer, DIG decided to set their sights on 2023.

“We had some momentum here and there, but we couldn’t really build upon it,” Biofrost recalled. “And then in summer, right out of the gate, we didn’t have a good showing. And it didn’t get better. We felt like we had to make a change. We subbed in some players and that didn’t exactly what either. So Dignitas wanted to to rebuild for this year and try to see if they could build something stronger.”

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DIG was understandably looking to make some changes after the end of last season, but as far as Biofrost knew, he was one of the non-variable pieces to the puzzle — until he wasn’t. Dignitas announced the signing of support Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun, and after that, there were little options left.

“It was kind of communicated that I was going to be there, but then, they took a different path afterward,” the support explained. “Most teams had already figured out their rosters by then. It was pretty late into the off-season, so there wasn’t much I could explore.”

An unexpected return

After considering a few alternative options – including coaching – Biofrost decided to wait in see what would come his way rather than deliberately make his next move in the short-term. Not long after, opportunity came knocking from an unlikely place: Dignitas. IgNar’s visa issues prevented him from joining the team ahead of the LCS Spring Split, and so Biofrost was brought in temporarily to help the other starters on DIG begin to gel.

“I was subbing in starting around mid-January and I had been playing scrims with the team,” Biofrost said. “Honestly, I only expected to play for like a week.”

When IgNar’s visa issues persisted and barred him from joining the roster on opening day of the LCS Spring Split, Biofrost found himself, as he planned, in a DIG jersey on the LCS stage in 2023, albeit under completely different circumstances than he expected. Biofrost has currently played all four games for DIG on the LCS stage, and no specifics regarding a timeline on IgNar’s arrival have been disclosed to the public.

“I did not expect to play LCS,” Biofrost admitted. “I just expected to play some scrims and the visa process ended up taking longer… Even now, I’m not sure exactly how long I’m here for.”

Some might feel insulted to sub for a team they were originally slated to start for — especially when the tenure of that substitution is unclear — but the veteran support harbors no such sentiment.

“Being a sub for a team that I thought I was going to be the starter for is interesting,” said Biofrost. “But it’s not like I have any hard feelings, either. It’s not like I hate the situation or something like that. That’s just sometimes how things pan out, and there’s not really an emotional attachment to it.”