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With Day 1 of Worlds 2021 group stage done, now is the time to keep track of who is leading the Europe vs. North America League of Legends battle, so far.

Even though both regions are unanimously grouped as the Western region, let’s be honest — every EU and NA fan is subconsciously keeping the win records of both regions in mind so they can compare them to each other. At the end of Worlds 2021, everyone wants to be able to say, “our region is the king of the west,” and have facts to back it up.

So, Upcomer will help make things easier by tracking both regions’ wins with some reactions in between. While both EU and NA fumbled to China and Korea, they had a chance to redeem themselves with the last two games of the day.

Day 1 of EU vs NA: 1-1

Fnatic: lost to Korean team 100 Thieves: lost to Chinese team
MAD Lions: lost to North American team Team Liquid: won against European team
Rogue: won against North American team Cloud9: lost to European team

With both regions on the same scoreline, they could be considered twins of progress. One out of three is a decent way to mark a western Worlds campaign given that even China is at two out of four wins. So, not a bad day overall.

However, EU fans must be feeling shell shocked after MAD Lions’ loss to NA’s second seed, Team Liquid. While it can’t categorically be called an upset given Team Liquid’s experience at international events, it still kind of is. Even though MAD had a poor debut at Worlds 2020, many expected them to head into Worlds 2021 waving the EU flag higher than ever after their LEC summer playoffs. Still, it’s just day one of the tournament and MAD have enough time to regroup and come back stronger.

Since the scores are even between both regions, it is difficult to say who won today. However, NA wins simply because they took down the EU’s first seed. Although Rogue’s win against C9 evened out the score, NA will definitely feel like they won the EU vs. NA battle, for now.