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This year’s first Major tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, ESL One: Rio 2020, has been postponed to November due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The tournament was supposed to take place in early May. Additionally, the second Major tournament has been canceled, effectively increasing the prize pool of the event in Rio de Janeiro to $2,000,000.

Only one CSGO Major in 2020 due to coronavirus

Due to the ongoing pandemic, ESL One: Rio will now serve as the only CSGO Major this year. CSGO fans have become accustomed to two Major tournaments annually, with one taking place in the first half of the year and the other in the second half. While this is a grand disappointment for most, the qualified teams will have even more to fight for in Rio de Janeiro. The prize pool has doubled to $2 million due to the November tournament being scrapped.

What if I have the ticket to ESL One: Rio?

Even though the tournament has rescheduled, ticket holders will remain eligible to attend the November event. The tournament will still take place at the Jeunesse Arena, as previously planned. If you cannot make the new dates, ticket holders may still request a refund.

Overall, the only thing that has changed is the date of the Major.

CSGO fans will have to wait a while longer before attending the Major.

Here is a breakdown of the new dates concerning the Major in November:

  • New Challengers Stage: November 9-12
  • New Legends Stage: November 14-17
  • Champions Stage: November 19-22

The Champions Stage is the playoff that will be open to the public to view at the Jeunesse Arena in Brazil.

What do you think of ESL’s decision to postpone ESL One: Rio to November? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. As always, remember to follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest news in CSGO as well as other major esports out there.