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The dates and format for Season 39 of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Esports Entertainment Association League have been revised, the league has announced. In the five days after the original announcement, players took issue with the reduced 10-match regular season, which was down from the original 14 matches. Responding to the concerns, the ESEA has gone back on its decision, returning to a 14 match season.

In their original announcement, ESEA cited the winter pro player break from Dec. 21 to Jan. 17, mandated by the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association, as their rationale for reducing Season 39 to a five-week regular season with 10 matches. Those changes still impacted players in the Open, Intermediate and Main amateur divisions.

In order to return to the 14-match regular season, ESEA plans to shift to an earlier schedule for Advanced and Premier division that will still allow the season to end before the start of the player break. The Open, Intermediate and Main divisions will overlap with the player break.

Much of the original discontent from the player base was related to the fixed league fees in spite of the shortened season.

The ESEA League Season 39 fees are as follows:

  • Premier : $39.95
  • Advanced: $29.95
  • Main: $19.95
  • Intermediate: $14.95
  • Open: $9.95