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As the League of Legends European Championship summer split approaches, the broadcast team has announced European Regional League casters will step into the studio. The ERL casters will guest star on the LEC broadcast throughout the Summer Split.

For the first eight weeks of competition, eight guest casters will join the main team to add their voices to the biggest stage in Europe. More guests and casters may arrive in the future as well.

“Don’t think this is the final roster or the end of our plans for the upcoming eight weeks – we have even more wild ideas planned throughout Summer 2021!” The announcement said.

Fans of the smaller European leagues can see their favorite casters on the main LEC broadcast, starting June 11.

The current list of guests includes:

  • Dan “Foxdrop” Wyatt
  • Alex “Machine” Richardson
  • Kang “Ashley Kang” Ji-hye
  • Ceirnan “Excoundrel” Lowe
  • Mikkel “Guldborg” Nielsen
  • Jake “Hiprain” Matthews
  • Adrian “Jamada” Wharlton-Thorne
  • Georgia “Troubleinc” Paras.

The LEC main team and guest casters

The main LEC broadcast team remains unchanged, except for the loss of Christy “Ender” Frierson over the offseason. Its five main casters and two hosts will cycle in and out with the guest casters.

The guests will not only commentate the games, as some will step in as hosts and interviewers. Among the cast of guests includes Machine, who guest hosted the LEC for a week in 2020, and Ashley Kang who was a remote guest interviewer during the last split.

The new guest casters are joining the production to help the usual broadcast team and to bring a different perspective to matches, with players that the ERL casters should be familiar with now competing in the LEC.

“We’ll be mixing the LEC and ERL casters more often to help spread the workload of such a busy season, as well as giving the guest casters and our core team a chance to learn from each other and share experiences alongside a different set of voices.” The announcement said.

The LEC begins its guest caster carousel on June 11, with the LEC’s first super-week of games.