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Epic Games just made up for a big mistake and rewarded some Fortnite players in return. In their efforts to cut back on cheaters, they went on a banning frenzy, and some innocent players found themselves locked out for no reason. That has now been rectified, and they not only had their accounts returned to them but were rewarded with 2,000 free V-Bucks (Fortnite‘s in-game currency). V-Bucks are important for purchasing skins, emotes, etc. For Epic to say “our bad” and reward them is a really nice gesture on their part. Those V-Bucks don’t come cheap, as any Fortnite player can tell you 2,000 V-Bucks equates to about $20.00. So basically, Epic is giving probably thousands of dollars in free V-Bucks for their mistake.

Fortnite takes on cheaters

As we have recently reported on our sister site, PC Invasion, Epic did purchase a large anti-cheating software company Kamu. This is in an effort to really crack down on cheating in Fortnite and to protect its many players. The apology came via a Reddit thread. While some had their accounts restored along with receiving those sweet, sweet V-Bucks, many still are left locked out.

When they try to log in, they receive a message stating that their account is frozen due to being involved with “suspicious activity.” You can imagine their frustrations when they really haven’t done anything wrong. I can only suspect how overloaded Epic’s support team is right now with requests from players wanting their access back who haven’t done anything wrong.

Has Epic maybe taken this cheating thing a little too far and now innocent players are getting caught in the crossfire? Some users on Reddit are even making jokes asking how they can get banned just to get the free currency. While it may seem funny to some, it’s really not to those who are fighting to get their accounts back, especially if they’ve invested a lot of real money and effort into the game.

Hopefully, all those players who are still waiting to regain access get in soon.


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