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In the second part of our ELEAGUE interview series, we take a few moments to talk with future EVO champion Problem X. You can check out the audio file below, as well as a transcription below that.

This interview took place during the Street Fighter V ELEAGUE Invitational Finals on July 13th, 2018 before the tournament started.

Daily Esports: Hey everyone this is Kevin from Daily Esports, live at the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational Finals and joining me is Problem X. How are you doing today?

Problem X: Good, I’m good.

DE: You excited for tonight?

Problem X: Yes.

DE: As we mentioned in the conference call with all the finalists (here) you are one of, if not the, best Bison players in the world. I don’t think anyone can argue that. But Bison isn’t a character you see a lot in Top 8, especially at events like this with such a high caliber of players. So why don’t you tell me why you decided to stick with Bison and how the character has helped you get this far.

Problem X: Bison is probably the coolest character in the game to me. I have always liked the character in the Street Fighter series, I actually hated him in the Street Fighter IV series because I always lost to him, so in this game I decided to play him instead. I feel like the fact that not many regions, or no regions, have Bisons on my tournament experience level. It plays in my favor because I play against their characters more than they play against mine. I also have picked up Abigail as well as a secondary, and he helps me in a few matchups like the Cammy and Balrog matchups, which can be a bit hard for Bison. So being able to get rid of those roadblocks, I can use Bison more freely. So I think that combination has helped as to why I am here at the moment.

DE: Yeah SFV is definitely a game where it really helps to have a pocket character for certain matchups.

Problem X: Definitely.

DE: Abigail really has been a secondary for you.

Problem X: Yeah.

DE: What is your mindset going into your first match today? (against Daigo).

Problem X: Well I know that Daigo really studies players so he would have studied me, but he hasn’t really got a Bison to play like a first to 100 against in Japan. So it is literally going to be studying and playing the people that he can. So I think we are in a similar boat in terms of I haven’t really got in Europe, I mean I’ve got Akainu and Phenom plays Guile from time to time, which has been helping me be slightly more comfortable than what I would normally be. I have been playing a lot of matches with Akainu and NuckleDu as well during my time in the states so NuckleDu is like very close to Daigo in terms of Guile play. I feel like in practice I have got the edge on him, but in studying and experience he has the edge on me, so I am confident, I believe I can beat everyone in the tournament, so I am pretty confident but I am aware of who I am playing as well.

DE: Yes, of course, you have to have confidence, everyone here expects to make it all the way to the end. So proceeding further along how do you feel about what the bracket looks like down the line and who you have to face, assuming you keep going and going.

Problem X: Yeah, if I beat Daigo, I like me for the next match because I have a tournament history advantage on Punk because Abigail kind of beats both of his characters, Cammy and Karin, so he will have to play extra miraculously or pull something unexpected or new out, which means he is more uncomfortable. Tokido, I think Dictator [M. Bison] has a slight advantage on Akuma, I have played lots of sets against AngryBird, and I have played against lots of Akumas, obviously Tokido is the best Akuma in the world, but I believe Bison has a slight advantage, and again he doesn’t have a Bison to play against, so I like me for that match. Whoever makes it back to Grand Finals, if I make it to Grand Finals, I like me for Smug who was in my group, I played him in the bracket and in my group, I beat him twice, 2-0 and 3-0, I like the Abigail pick for Balrog. I like the Abigail pick for Fujimura, he actually just beat me at CEO, but that was due to a combo drop, and I beat him at NCR, so I like me in that match. I think maybe Dogura might be a bit iffy, Urien is a bit…

DE: That is a tough matchup for everyone.

Problem X: Yeah Urien is a bit…

DE: It is scummy.


Problem X: Yeah, and Momochi I haven’t really played him in Street Fighter V at all.

DE: Oh really?

Problem X: Yeah, and he plays these mysterious kinds of characters like Kolin, and possibly Cody.

DE: It is going to be really interesting if we see a Cody on the big screen tonight. I am hoping so just because I love that character so much so I want to see what he can do.

Problem X: Yeah it is all up in the air really. But, I like my winners bracket if I beat Daigo.

DE: Well thank you very much, and we wish you the best of luck in the tournament.

Problem X: Thank you.