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In the fourth part of our ELEAGUE interview series, we talk to the legendary Daigo Umehara. You can check out the audio file below, as well as a transcription below that.

This interview took place during the Street Fighter V ELEAGUE Invitational Finals on July 13th, 2018 after his match against Problem X. Daigo’s answers were given through his translator.

Daily Esports: Hey everyone this is Kevin from Daily Esports and joining me today live from the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational Finals is the man, the myth, the legend, Daigo Umehara. Thank you so much for joining us.

DE: So you just had an amazing match with Problem X and are now set for Winner’s Finals against Tokido. What are your thoughts going into that next match? How do you feel?

Daigo: Pretty confident going into the match against Tokido. When looking at Tokido vs. Punk I had a strong feeling that Tokido was going to proceed so I did give enough time to study my matchup against Akuma. So I did my part and I am well prepared so I am confident but [Tokido] is strong too so you never know.

DE: You are one of the favorites to win the entire event so just hypothetically for fun, what do you plan to do with the prize money if you end up winning?

Daigo: If I ever win, half of my money will go to my manager [who is also his translator].


DE: That’s a nice tip

Translator: Yeah


Daigo: For the rest of it I am still thinking what I would put the money into.

DE: Now one of the great things about ELEAGUE is that, since it is on national television, it is going to bring a lot of views from people who may not normally watch FGC events, tournaments, and streams. Being one of the legends of the fighting game community, what would you want to say to people who may be just discovering fighting games who want to get into the scene that may be a little intimidated by the tournaments and the pressure and all those kinds of things.

Daigo: It is true that this is a top-level game and all of us have been playing for many, many years and that experience is being showcased here. It is true that a first-timer wouldn’t be able to play at this level, but it is a game, and I encourage everyone to pick it up and see how it feels, and at the end of the day you may not like it or you may enjoy it, but if you come across any questions or concerns then just clear it one step at a time, don’t overload yourself, just enjoy yourself and keep enjoying the game. Pretty soon you will get there. It isn’t one day and you will get to this level, but hopefully, people can be inspired.

DE: One step at a time.

Daigo: Yes, perfect.

DE: Well thank you very much, and good luck in the rest of the tournament.