EDG Skins for Worlds 2021 leaked

EDG Skins for Worlds 2021 leaked

Yuumi, Graves, Viego, Zoe and Aphelios appear to be the picks for EDG

After their historical run at the League of Legends World Championship last year, Edward Gaming’s Worlds 2021 skins have been revealed. Every year the winning team at Worlds get immortalized in-game through the addition of exclusive skins based on the players and champions of the winning team. On late Wednesday, April 21, photos started to circulate around social media showing off what appears to be the group splash art for the EDG Worlds 2021 skins. Riot Games has made no official announcement as of yet.

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The leaked EDG Worlds 2021 skins.

For the top lane position, EDG’s Li “Flandre” Xuan-Jun picked Graves as it was his signature champion throughout the tournament. Flandre played Graves in 11 of EDG’s 21 games and was an impressive 8-3 on the champion with a 4.11 KDA. Flandre’s next played champion was Jayce but he only played that champion in five games, less than half of the Graves games. Graves was the no-brainer pick for Flandre. This is also Graves first Worlds skin.

In the Jungle, Zhao “Jiejie” Li-Jie EDG Worlds 2021 skin is Viego. Ironically, Jiejie only played Viego in one single game at Worlds 2021. His most played champions were Jarvan IV and Xin Zhao. However, unlike Graves J4 already has two Worlds skins. But the odd thing is that Xin Zhao has none. But then again, Jiejie didn’t have the best performance on Xin Zhao in the event going only 1-4 on the champion in five games. Jiejie’s one game on Viego came in Game 4 of the Worlds 2021 finals against DWG KIA which was a do-or-die game for the squad. Thanks to Jiejie’s performance, EDG forced a Game 5 and the rest is history. This is Viego’s first Worlds skin.

The mid-lane pick for EDG’s Worlds 2021 skins seems to be Zoe. Lee “Scout” Ye-chan was an absolute monster on this champion throughout the Worlds 2021 tournament. He only played the champion three times but it was his second most played champion at the event. But across the three games, Scout was undefeated on the pick. Two of those games included both Games 4 and 5 of the Worlds 2021 finals. Scout’s first Zoe game came in the semifinals against Gen.G where he went 12/0/7 on the champion in what was one of the best Zoe games in professional League of Legends history. This is Zoe’s first Worlds skin.

In the bot lane position, Park “Viper” Do-hyeon went with Aphelios for his EDG skin. Viper played seven different champions at Worlds 2021 and had a near even split on all of them. He played three games on Aphelios and it wasn’t his best performing champion overall. But in Game 5 of the Worlds 2021 finals, Viper popped off on the pick going 7/1/7 in the decisive game as EDG took down DK and hoisted the Summoner’s Cup. This is Aphelios’ first Worlds skin.

And finally, there is the Support pick. It’s only fitting that one of the most polarizing champions at Worlds 2021 would make it into the Worlds 2021 skin line. Tian “Meiko” Ye decided to go with Yuumi for his pick. Meiko played Yuumi four times at Worlds 2021, tied for his most played champion. This will be Yuumi’s first Worlds skin.

There is no set release date for these skins as of yet. However, if the Splash art is indeed real, players may see these skins officially revealed very soon. Last year’s Worlds 2020 skins celebrating DWG KIA were released on April 30.


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