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Edward Gaming mid laner Lee “Scout” Ye-chan earned the Worlds 2021 final MVP award for his performance during a 3-2 win Sunday against DWG KIA in the League of Legends World Championship final. The series went to an unexpected five games before the first seed from the League of Legends Pro League pulled off an upset against DWG KIA, the tournament favorites and reigning champions.

Scout played four different champions throughout five games in the final: Ryze (6/1/8 kills/deaths/assists), LeBlanc (0/5/1), Twisted Fate (2/4/5) and Zoe (1/1/3 and 5/2/8). During the series, he racked up 17 total kills, 12 deaths and 25 assists. Scout’s lane opponent during the final was DK mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su, who had the highest KDA of all remaining players at the tournament before Saturday’s matchup.

In Game 5, Scout was a major difference-maker for his team, specifically in fights around objectives. After helping Edward Gaming secure the Elder Dragon, Scout landed multiple crucial skillshots on scrambling members of DWG KIA to allow EDG to extend the lead they earned with the buff and all but seal Worlds 2021 title.

“I’m really surprised,” Scout said in a broadcast interview. “I really feel through these five games I didn’t perform that well. Also, before the fifth game, I really felt like maybe the finals MVP should be given to our jungle player, Jiejie, because I really feel Jiejie played so well this whole set.”

That player, Zhao “Jiejie”  Li-Jie, was the driving force behind EDG’s playmaking against DWG KIA. In the final game, he hovered topside to neutralize DK top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, who had been the win condition for DWG KIA in both games during the series.

Scout and EDG took the longest possible road to a Worlds 2021 championship. The team went to Game 5 in its quarterfinal, semifinal and final matchups.

“Every single game is very impressive to me,” Scout said. “I really appreciate fans all around the world who were just waiting for this moment. We will definitely in the future also put in full effort into every single game and try our best to show you guys this performance. Thank you all.”