Echo goes live on Overwatch retail servers on April 14
Overwatch Echo

Echo goes live on Overwatch retail servers on April 14

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Play Overwatch has just announced that Overwatch‘s newest damage Hero, Echo, will go live on retail servers on Tuesday, April 14. Here’s what we know about Echo and what to expect when she goes live.

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Who is Echo?

Echo is an Omnic who was made as an “echo” of Dr. Mina Liao, who created Omnics and believed that artificial life could transform humanity in a positive way. Players have known about her for some time now because of the lore and animated shorts, and she’s finally coming to the game.

Echo is Overwatch‘s 32nd Hero and 17th damage Hero. She fires projectiles to do damage and has one of the most unique ultimate abilities in the game. Here are all of Echo’s abilities.

  • Trishot: Echo fires three projectiles in a triangle shape.
  • Sticky Bombs: She shoots multiple sticky bombs that explode and deal damage after a delay.
  • Flight: This move allows her to fly.
  • Focusing Beam: A beam that deals damage and deals bonus damage to targets under half health.
  • Glide: Allows Echo to float in the air (similar to Mercy).
  • Duplicate: This is Echo’s ultimate, and it allows her to become a clone of an enemy hero for a short time or until she dies. During this time she can charge that Hero’s ultimate quickly.


Echo will likely instantly become a top pick upon her release. At first glance, her ultimate alone should make her one of the strongest damage Heroes in the game. She has already been nerfed on the Public Test Region (PTR), so perhaps the nerfs will tone her down on release.

There was also the cryptic message by Overwatch‘s Director, Jeff Kaplan, in the Developer Update that revealed her. In the video, Kaplan states that Overwatch will be a “different game” when she is released. While this could simply mean that the game will change due to balance updates and such, it could also hint at bigger changes.

Be sure to check out the update on April 14. Stay tuned for more Overwatch news coming soon!