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With the Modern Warfare launch just days away, early copies are beginning to appear out in the wild. As October 25 looms (though it looks like the game will release on the 24th), retailers across the world are starting to receive shipments of Modern Warfare. As is the case every year, some copies from the shipments are making their way into customers’ hands. However, while people have copies, it doesn’t mean they can access the content within.

Modern Warfare discs are starting to circulate

As big retail stores begin their preparations for launch night, they receive thousands of Modern Warfare copies. With most major stores garnering hundreds of pre-orders, they need to have as many games on hand available for purchase.

With this huge influx of copies, some will undoubtedly make their way into non-employee hands. This happens every year with Call of Duty, as it’s one of the biggest releases time after time. Modern Warfare is no different and we already have some leaked screenshots of people having the game a week before launch.


The above is not a photoshopped image and is a real copy of the game. We don’t know how this person got their hands on the game but it’s safe to say they’re not the only ones. Some people might think that this isn’t fair, seeing as they can load the game into their console and play it before release.

Well, while they can load it up, very little can be played. Each developer makes it so early copies of the game cannot access the full bulk of the content. Instead, they release a “day-one patch” that goes live a day or two before launch. This patch releases most of the game’s content and that’s when players with early copies can begin playing.

As expected, Infinity Ward has done the same with Modern Warfare. As of right now, you can only play offline on one Gunfight map (Speedball). Although, thanks to TheGamingRevolution, we can see what the game’s menu will look like.


There should be more leaks surfacing as we get closer to release. Infinity Ward likes to keep their game private, so we could be seeing fewer than usual. Modern Warfare officially launches at 9 PM eastern on October 24 for North America (midnight local time for other countries).

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