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With the first ever Dreamhack Beyond convention comes a first ever Hearhtstone event too, the Three-Headed Dragon Challenge. The Three-Headed Dragon Challenge will be the premier Hearthstone event at the virtual convention.

The first of its kind event will feature a big $30,000 prize pool, three separate tournaments, invites to the Hearthstone Masters Tour, and a fan-favorite format. Its three-headed aspect is the event’s big draw. The three tournaments will run across three different regions. Players in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific will be competing in each three day long event in the Last Hero Standing format. The first tournament kicks off on Monday July 26 with Day 1 of the Asia-Pacific bracket. The week-long event will run through the Americas finals on Monday August 1.

Dreamhack Hearthstone Three-Headed Dragon Challenge Format

The format of the event will run with traditional swiss pairings. Each tournament is restricted to players in each specific region, and all have different start times. Each event will also run the same format. Day one will feature five rounds of swiss play. Day two will finish the swiss portion of the event with another four rounds. After nine rounds the top 16 players will advance to the single-elimination top cut portion. Top 16 will run on day two with the top eight players advancing to the finals on day three.

To enter the event players don’t need any pre-requisite to register. There are no invitations or qualifications needed outside of being a resident in their specific region. However, each event is capped at 512 players.

The Three-Headed Dragon Challenge will use the Last Hero Standing format. Most typical Hearthstone events use the Conquest format in which a players bring three or four different decks depending on ban implementation. Once a player wins with a deck, they cannot use it for the rest of the match. The match continues until one player has won with each of their decks. Essentially it its a glorified best-of-five with a twist.

In Last Hero Standing players bring three or four decks, but the match functions opposite of conquest. A player who loses with a deck can’t use that deck anymore and the match continues until one player has lost with all their decks. This will be the format used for the event with ban implementation. For more details and registration check Dreamhack’s website.

Schedule, Prize pool, and where to watch

The schedule for each tournament at the Three-Headed Dragon Challenge is posted on the event site as well. The Asia-Pacific event will start at 3 AM EST on each of their three days. Europe’s tournament will run at 8 AM EST on each of their days. And the Americas event will start at 11AM EST on each of theirs. Days 1 and 2 will run back-to-back with Asia-Pacific running on July 26-27, Europe on the 27-28 and the Americas the 28-29..

There are breaks between each events day three though. Day three for Asia-Pacific will be on Friday July 30, Europe on Saturday July 31, and finally the Americas on Monday August 1st.

Each tournament will have a $10,000 prize pool with the winner of each event getting a seat at the Hearthstone Masters Tour. Official broadcast will be streamed but only on day three of each event. Details on who will be streaming and more will be revealed in the coming days.