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The Houston Outlaws have signed Korean main tank Song “Dreamer” Sanglok, formerly of the Los Angeles Valiant and DarkMode NA. After being released from the Valiant with their entire 2020 roster and staff, this marks his return to the league. Playing in North American Contenders, he kept his form from the 2020 season and now provides new depth for Houston.

“He’s taken flight back to the Overwatch League and landed in Houston to make his dream come true. Welcome the newest member of the Houston Outlaws, @IMDREAMERGG. #AnteUp,” the Houston Outlaws account tweeted.

Dreamer’s past

His name is very fitting for his journey, as this main tank has always dreamed of making it to the Overwatch League. Dreamer first entered the league in 2020. Originally, he played for Xavier Esports, a Thai Overwatch team he learned Thai to play for. Living in Thailand, his goal was to make it to the top tier. Choosing the name ‘Dreamer’ was in reference to dreaming about that accomplishment.

After playing for the Sydney Drop Bears in Australian contenders, he finally got his dream fulfilled. The Los Angeles Valiant were rebuilding their roster for 2020, and he was one of the two main tanks on the team.

2020 Valiant roster
Screenshot by Michael Czarnowski | The eventual starting roster of the 2020 Valiant

On this new roster, Dreamer trialed a starting tank position. With his skills on both Winston and Reinhardt, he got the starting role for the rest of the 2020 season. He helped lead the Los Angeles Valiant to a very respectable eighth-place finish. His role within the team had solidified until the organization decided to move to China.

With that move, they controversially released their entire roster and coaching staff, including Dreamer. He went back to Contenders, playing for DarkMode NA and continued his good play. For DarkMode, Dreamer finished second in the April tournament of NA Contenders.

The Outlaws get more depth

One of the biggest issues for the Outlaws from a roster standpoint was tank depth. Their two starting tanks were flexible and great, as we saw in the first tournament. However, if one of them got sick or had other issues and couldn’t play, they had a problem. Now, Dreamer can help fill that hole. Their starting main tank of Cho “JJANGGU” Myung-heum has been better than advertised, coming out as one of the top rookie main tanks in 2021.

Dreamer shouldn’t be expecting a lot of starting time unless JJanggu has significant issues playing main tanks like Orisa and Wrecking Ball. Dreamer seems to be a substitute, but he has the talent to perform with the Houston Outlaws roster. He proved last year with the Valiant that he can succeed in the league.