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Today we are going to go over the second DLC character of Season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the adorable and powerful Videl. Just like with our Jiren breakdown, we will go over her important normals, specials, supers, and her overall game plan.

(For those unfamiliar with numerical fighting game notation, please check out this handy guide from Dustloop so you can follow along: https://www.dustloop.com/guides/bbcs2/systemGuide/notation.html.)

Again, a big thank you to Bandai Namco for providing us a code for the FighterZ Pass 2 so we could bring you this guide.

Notable Normals

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Hits low!

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Can hold back to connect with two hits in a row, similar to with Cell.

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Not good. Has good vertical range, but bad horizontal range. Very easy to whiff.

Justice Combination: 6+H
Dragon Ball FighterZ Dragon Ball FighterZ Dragon Ball FighterZ
Command normal that propels Videl forward a large distance. Not safe to throw out in neutral, but essential to her combo strings.

Great Saiyaman

Certain normals will have the Great Saiyaman attack instead of Videl.

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Great Saiyaman will rush forward and punch the opponent. Will go through standard projectiles.

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Will throw an underhand Ki blast at the opponent. Will get hit by standard projectiles. Good for following up with an assist to let Videl advance forward.

j. S
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Great Saiyaman will perform a divekick.

j. 2S
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Great Saiyaman will stomp on top of the opponent’s head no matter where the opponent is on screen. If you do a combo in the corner that has already used up your Smash Attack, you can end your air combos with j. 2S to apply pressure. Cannot be 2H’d out of. The opponent can reflect it, but Videl can punish the reflect as she is still free to move. Only delaying wakeup or a truly invincible move can stop this.


Videl Rush: 236+L/M/H (Air OK)
Dragon Ball FighterZ Dragon Ball FighterZ Dragon Ball FighterZ
Rekka move and her most important special. L version is a short hop kick, M a little faster and a little further, and H is fastest — puts you right in front of opponent immediately. M is go-to-combo version. Press L after any version to do an overhead attack. Press M after any version to do a cross up attack that flips Videl over to the other side and must be blocked in the opposite direction. Can cross up in corner. Press H after any version to burn one bar and use the Frankensteiner command grab. Will not grab a crouching opponent. Continuing to press L after the overhead version will result in a multi-punch follow-up and a rising knee attack, which can be followed up with an air dash in the corner only for follow-up attacks. All versions are usable in the air, but follow-up attacks will not work in the air. The L version in the air will use the overhead attack to knock the opponent back down to the ground, the M version in the air will cause a sliding knockdown, and the H version in the air will also cause a sliding knockdown, but is much faster and better used when damage scaling is very high and the M version would normally miss.

Frankensteiner: 214+L/M/H (Air OK)
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Command grab. L version slams opponent straight into the ground and leaves you right next to the opponent. M version hits from slightly farther away and will have the Great Saiyaman slam the opponent into the ground, leaving you midscreen away from the opponent. H version will have Great Saiyaman kick the opponent back to the other side and allow for a follow-up with a Super Dash. You can hold down the M and H buttons to do a wall bounce instead of having the Great Saiyaman do a follow-up attack. Great for use in the corner to convert into a full combo.

Moonsault Kick: 2,2 L/M/H
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Cross up move that must be blocked from the other side. Just like the M follow-up to the Videl Rush, it can cross up in the corner. Using without assists to back you up is not recommended as the attack leaves Videl completely airborne and she can be 2H’d extremely easily. L version is slower and has less vertical reach, M version is a little faster and gets Videl more airborne, and H version is fastest and lets Videl get to the other side with the least amount of time in the air. M version does more damage than the L version but has more startup. On hit or block or you can keep doing it over and over again until the opponent wakes up and blocks or reflects it. The L and M versions require an assist or vanish to extend combos on hit, but the H version can be followed up without any extra aid.

Rising Eagle: 214+S
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Invincible uppercut move, fully invincible from frame 1. A little slower than other uppercut moves like Vegeta’s or Gohan’s. Can follow up with a vanish to convert into a full combo.


Rainbow Storm: 236+ L/M
Dragon Ball FighterZ
You are able to cancel the second hit of the super, meaning you can follow it up with a Super Dash, an assist, or a Great Saiyaman attack to keep the combo going.

Defender of Love and Justice, the Great Saiyaman!: 236+ H/S
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Counter super. After connecting with this super for the first time in a match, all of the Great Saiyaman’s attacks will do more damage. Despite being a counter super, the active counter frames do not come out on frame 1, so very fast moves, like Instant Air Dash attacks, can knock Videl out of it. Great for countering obvious or very telegraphed attacks like guard cancels.

Justice Rush: 214+L/M or H/S
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Very standard level 3, connecting the first hit will start a cinematic follow-up that deals a lot of damage. Will do more damage if Great Saiyaman is powered up. Can hold up forward to jump at the first possible frame after Justice Rush ends to apply pressure, very similar to with Bardock. Also works as a safe jump setup. Can also dash forward and mash out the L auto combo after the end of Justice Rush to automatically connect the third hit, which is a grab.

Justice Revenge: Hold H+S when knocked down
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Great Saiyaman will perform a giant Kamehameha, almost exactly like Frieza’s second level 3 super. Very slow startup, so the opponent can very easily avoid it if they are being careful and not attacking recklessly.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Videl
Starting hit of Videl Rush. Almost exactly like Bardock’s assist. Startup is a little slower than his, but hits a little farther than his. When used during combos, Videl’s assist will leave the opponent standing.


Videl excels at mixing the opponent up and does that best with two assists backing her up. Both low-blockstun assists like Trunks or very high-blockstun assists like Kid Buu do well for her. Low-blockstun assists can leave the opponent throwable quicker during blockstun, and high-blockstun assists can leave the opponent wide open to all of Videl’s overheads, cross ups, etc. Using Trunks’ assist, which has the lowest blockstun of any assist in the game, you can automatically connect the third hit of Videl’s L autocombo, which is a true grab. Call Trunks as soon as you start the first hit of the L autocombo, and by the time you reach the third hit, the blockstun on Trunks’ assist will end and you will connect with the grab. If the first hit of the auto combo connects, then the combo will still work as normal if you call the assist.

General game plan

A mix-up character through and through. She can use 5S and j. S Saiyaman attacks, which are great for keeping pressure in neutral and for harassing the opponent. Videl most definitely excels as a point character.

A lot of her pressure tactics are punishable by 2H’s and reflects, but that is why she relies on her assists so much. Videl’s ability to always put the opponent in a sliding knockdown between air Videl Rush and her level 1 means she can always keep the pressure going and keep her opponent on their toes guessing how to block next.

Character-specific strategies


If Videl ends a long combo string with the M version of Justice Rush, the opponent will flip out and be allowed to block, as hitstun decay has reached maximum. Normally this would mean the opponent can block or 2H Videl in the middle of her flip. But with low blockstun assists like Trunks and Tien, you can cover Videl’s flip and cause her to attack a now-standing opponent. You can even air dash afterwards and go to the other side or delay your air dash and hit them on the same side. You can hit the opponent with a combo, restand them, and keep your pressure going. However, the opponent can block the assist or reflect it and push Videl away. Your opponent has to know this works though and time it specifically, so it can still catch an unaware opponent very easily. Once they discover this though, it is inadvisable to try it again. But you can always punish the reflect if you know it is coming.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Videl
Videl has no reflect, but a unique dodge mechanic instead. Pressing 4+S will cause Videl to enter a brief invincibility state that can dodge all attacks within that time frame. While she successfully dodges, she becomes completely intangible. So, for example, the opponent can completely pass through her when running towards her. Like all reflects though, if you miss your timing you are left wide open and can be heavily punished. It will not work on throws or command grabs. It can use assists with lots of pushback on block, like Cell’s, to phase the opponent through Videl as she dodges and create a left/right mix-up. It can also dodge Sparking Blast activation. It will not be able to punish but will be at an advantage regardless.
Dragon Ball FighterZ Videl
As a fun extra, Videl is the only character in the game (so far) with an alternate costume. When on the character select screen, hold L1+X on PS4, or LB+A on Xbox One, to choose her Orange Star High School uniform with pigtails. The Great Saiyaman’s costume will change too, and he will don his iconic helmet.