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Today we are going to go over the first DLC character of Season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the embodiment of strength, Jiren. Just like with our Android 17 breakdown, we will go over his important normals, specials, supers, and his overall game plan.

(For those unfamiliar with numerical fighting game notation, please check out this handy guide from Dustloop so you can follow along: https://www.dustloop.com/guides/bbcs2/systemGuide/notation.html.)

Before we begin though, a big thank you to Bandai Namco for providing us a code for the FighterZ Pass 2 so we could bring you this guide.

Notable Normals


Dragon Ball FighterZ

Does not hit low.

j. L

Dragon Ball FighterZ

One of the best in the game, comparable to Piccolo’s, and great for catching air to airs.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

Has much longer reach than most 5M attacks. Can hit the opponent from round start position, good for challenging opponents that like to press buttons at the round’s start.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

Unlike with every other character in the game, Jiren’s Standing H is actually a command grab. While it is slower compared to other command grabs, it can cancel into 5S, both level 1 supers, or a vanish for extended combos. Can only be used once per combo.

j. H

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Used for safe jump setups after Blazing Magnatron, or after Colossal Slash by delaying your air dash.

j. 2H

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dive kick attack that can be charged. Causes a sliding knockdown if fully charged and hits early.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

Unique projectile that hits full screen and beats out weak projectiles. Beats Super Dashes and is great for poking from mid/full screen.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

Hitbox extends all the way to the tip of the blast and is an amazing anti-air attack, acting like a second 2H. Can reflect weak projectiles and is good against opponents instant air dashing towards you. Use when you want to stay on the same side when extending combos.

j. S

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Shoots a projectile across the screen, or can shoot downwards by pressing j. 2S. Can follow up with a Super Dash to extend combos. Can do a defensive Option Select to protect against opponents Super Dashing through the projectile. Buffer the j. S notation with the L version of Infinity Rush. If the opponent Super Dashes towards you, you will catch them with the Infinity Rush, and if not the projectile will fire as normal.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

Hits slightly behind Jiren. Use when you want to switch sides when extending combos. Great when your back is towards the corner.


Infinity Rush: 236+L/M/H (air OK)

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Jiren stares at you real hard and fires a barrage of lasers from his eyes. L version has the fastest startup and least amount of range, the M version has slightly slower startup and more range, and the H version has slowest startup and most range.
  • L/M versions have a light wall bounce, and it can let you snapback the opponent with a follow-up Dragon Rush without using meter to vanish like most characters. It lets you stay on the same side as well.
  • H version has a unique wall bounce that can be followed up with 5H command grab. M version is your go-to for combos. All versions are unsafe on block, but L version can be used in conjunction with an assist to maintain pressure.

Shock Tornado: 214+L/M/H

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • L version counters mid and high attacks, which include all airborne attacks.
  • M version counters low attacks. Will not counter projectiles or command grabs.
  • H version comes out on frame 1 and can be used against safe jump setups. Can only follow up with a combo after a vanish.

Counter Impact: 214+S

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Counters projectiles, can hold down S to increase active frames.
  • Has automatic follow-up attack that tracks opponent when successful.
  • Opponent can vanish to avoid follow-up attack but is then vulnerable to your vanish attack.
  • Can only follow up with a combo after a vanish.

Grand Charge: 236+S

  • Shoulder tackle that is invincible to projectiles
  • Can hold down S to move further
  • Safest special on block
  • Can cancel into counter to stop punish attempts


Colossal Slash: 236+L/M (air OK)

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • DHC Super
  • Can start safe jump setups like a Level 3
  • Stays on screen long enough for quick Supers to be tacked on for extra damage

Colossal Uppercut: 236+H/S

Dragon Ball FighterZ Jiren

  • Very similar to Winter Soldier’s uppercut super in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
  • Limited use midscreen — better used as a combo ender in corner
  • Not invincible until after startup, but has a large window of invincibility once it takes effect

Blazing Magnatron: 214+L/M or H/S

Dragon Ball FighterZ Jiren

  • Large hitbox, entire explosion on startup hits creating a large horizontal and vertical range
  • Also hits behind Jiren a little, can catch vanishes
  • Causes hard knockdown on hit, allowing for safe jump setups


Dragon Ball FighterZ Jiren

  • L version of Infinity Rush
  • Jiren is only hittable behind laser eye attacks.
  • Causes a wallbounce
  • Good for extending combos and extending blockstring


Characters with strong assists that can make up for Jiren’s lack of mixup potential work best for him. Broly’s assist can let Jiren follow up his 5S projectile with a full combo without spending meter. Assists that cause large amounts of blockstun like Kid Buu also work well, allowing Jiren more time to try and mix up his opponents.

Game plan

Jiren is a pretty standard and straightforward character. He doesn’t have any crazy mixups and has above average normals. Jiren rewards strong fundamentals and is very comparable to Ryu in Street Fighter. Unlike Ryu in Street Fighter V though, he has the tools to answer problems. Jiren is a solid character with above average damage that works best as a point character, using assists to back him up and allow him to attempt to mix up the opponent.

Please look forward to our next guide going over the second FighterZ Pass 2 DLC character, the daughter of Hercule, Videl!