StreamMetrics Audience Measurement announced

Aims to demystify and quantify livestream and esports viewership data.

Dota 2's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 30 Jul 2019


Image courtesy of 76ers Gaming Club

StreamMetrics announced the launch of StreamMetrics Audience Measurement, a live stream and esports viewership measurement platform. Venture funded by Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, who own esports endemic properties like Team Dignitas and 76ers Gaming Club, the company aims to provide US-only focused data for US-based brand campaigns using API information from streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube as well as monthly market surveys it conducts with anonymized network data.

StreamMetrics aims to demystify and quantify both livestream and esports viewership data across multiple streaming channels. “Millions of hard-to-reach millennials and GenZers are tuning into live video streaming and esports, but a serious measurement gap is impeding brands from investing heavily, stunting the industry's growth.” said Co-Founder & COO of StreamMetrics, Dan Nemo, stating that the declared goal of StreamMetrics was to fill that gap with “independent audience measurement and rich demographic data required for the market to mature, buyers to reach this audience, and sellers to efficiently monetize their properties.” By generating metrics comparable to those used in television and built for traditional media advertisers, StreamMetrics hopes to attract “traditional stick-and-ball sport advertisers, brands, and media agencies” by providing the ability to “more effectively evaluate and enter the live-stream and esports space with confidence,” said the former COO of BandsInTown. Furthermore, the company will try to give “game publishers, leagues, tournament organizers, and esports/entertainment organizations the independent measurement required to monetize and prove the value of their audiences.”

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According to a release, the company will expand its efforts into the streaming platforms Caffeine TV, Mixer and Facebook and will eventually encompass more regional markets. A series A raise is slated for September 2019.

More and more market research firms have been entering esports. Just in June, Riot Games brought on British information and data measurement firm Nielson to measure League of Legends esports events to evaluate the return of investment for potential sponsors. 

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