Auto Chess now has its own very reasonably priced battle pass

Bling out your Auto Chess account.

Dota 2's Icon Michael Hassall · 3 Jun 2019


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Auto Chess fans, it’s time to show your support, as Valve and Drodo Studios have teamed up to release an incredibly affordable game pass for the popular Dota 2 mod.

If Dota 2’s battle pass was tainted by its pay-to-win nature, then the new Auto Chess Pass is absolved by its low price. The pass retails for $0.99, with local regional pricing around the world the matching the cost, or even falling lower.

Once you’ve grabbed the pass, you get a golden border for your avatar in-game, golden chat messages, and a free Baby Roshan courier. The pass also enhances any candy wins you might grab, adding a five bonus candy a day for your first top three, and another five if you finish first.

This feature was already a part of the Drodo Studios mobile version, currently in beta, and makes a welcome addition to the Dota 2 mod. Additionally, with the number of candies you have the potential to win each day, the pass also raises the max candies that can be won per-day to 20, making sure that you don’t miss out on any potential rewards.

Finally, pass owners get the chance to vote on new heroes and changes to existing ones before they’re released in game. One of the first heroes to be voted on will likely be a reworked Ogre Magi. The piece was removed during the most recent update, pending changes, having the lowest win rate in the game for several patches.

But even with cosmetics, voting on heroes, and a buff to your candy earnings, one of the most appealing elements of the pass has to be the chance to support Drodo Studios, the creators of the mod, directly. The company recently came to a mutual agreement with Valve over the future of the mod, with both parties choosing to continue development on stand-alone versions separately while maintaining support for the Dota 2 version together.

The pass represents the first elements of this continued support and is available in the Dota 2 store now. It lasts for 30 days, and then you’ll have to fork over another 99 cents. It’s a tiny price to pay to support the development of one of the most engaging mods ever created for Dota.

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