You should build Aghanim's Scepter on everybody now

Dota 2's latest update introduces the Aghanim's meta.

Dota 2's Icon Michael Hassall · 28 May 2019


Image via Valve Corporation

Throw out your old builds, forget what you thought you knew, and start building Aghanim's Scepter on every hero, because as of patch 7.22, every hero has an upgrade from the item.

The latest patch added an upgrade to the 24 remaining heroes without one, and reworked many existing upgrades to be more in line with the item’s overall power boost.

Some of the most notable additions include Dragon Knight gaining a fourth Elder Dragon form, Templar Assassin gaining the ability to teleport to any of her Psionic Traps, and adding a pack of wolves to creep wave for Lycan.

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What's more, the item has received a few extra changes to boost its individual power. Purchasing a 2000 gold recipe now allows you to consume the scepter, retaining the benefits while freeing up an item slot, making it ideal for late game. As soon as Aghs is consumed, affected heroes receive an added visual effect, just so the enemy team knows you’re strapped.

Needless to say, the new effects are already wreaking havoc on games. Playing against Broodmother is now more reminiscent of playing against Zerg in StarCraft, with her laying down 20 webs like she’s covering the map in creep. Or maybe you’ve run into an untargetable machine gun Dark Willow, who remains in the Shadow Realm even as she attacks? And with the new upgrades, expect to see more games like this 97-minute slugfest where every player buy an Aghs.

Now the only excuse you really have for not buying Aghs on any hero is not having enough gold. Otherwise, let’s see those additional Meepo clones, start spamming skeletons with Clinkz, and get ready to ruin peoples day with Anti-Mage—Aghs meta is here.

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