Auto Chess developers and Valve to work on separate versions

Valve and Drodo Studios have agreed to develop Auto Chess on separate platforms.

Dota 2's Icon Michael Hassall · 21 May 2019


Image via Drodo Studios

Valve has revealed it’s reached an agreement with Drodo Studios, creators of Dota 2 Auto Chess, for both parties to develop a standalone version of the popular mod, as per a post on their official blog.

Valve has an extremely positive history of working with modders, with many of its games, including DotA, startinghaving started out as mods. However, with previous titles, such as Counter-Strike, Alien Swarm, and Garry’s Mod, Valve typically hired or acquired the modding teams outright before or during development.

Auto Chess will instead be a split-development affair. In their post, Valve explaineds that after meetings held in February, the studios agreed to create their own separate standalone versions. However, despite not being able to come to an agreement on developing the game together, both Drodo and Valve seem willing to support each other as they create their new products.

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Valve for their part has encouraged players to check out the beta of Drodo’s new Auto Chess mobile game, currently in beta, going on to explain that they will assist Dota 2 Auto Chess players in migrating their accounts to the new game.

Drodo echoed Valve’s support in a statement quoted on the blog post, and declared that they “will continue updating the DAC mod, and attempt to design new modes and adaptations in our stand-alone game.”

For Auto Chess players, this means you’ll soon have three different ways to play: Drodo’s mobile Auto Chess, Valve’s standalone version, or the original Dota 2 mod. Hopefully, this new variety won’t fracture the player base, and instead, make the game more accessible and approachable for new players.

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