Artificial intelligence program beats OG at Dota, opens for public contests

Do you have what it takes to beat AI at Dota?

Dota 2's Icon Alexander Lee · 15 Apr 2019


Screenshot via gdb/Twitter

Yesterday, artificial intelligence research organization OpenAI’s “Five” system faced off against a squad of human pros from OG in two much-publicized Dota 2 matches.

After narrowly losing two games to less acclaimed teams in August, OpenAI Five was given the equivalent of 45,000 years of training in order to prepare for yesterday’s match. This time around, the artificial intelligence emerged victorious, using aggressive tactics to outmaneuver and defeat its human enemies.

Having proven that their AI is capable of high-level Dota play, OpenAI has retired the Five system from show matches against professional teams. But that isn’t to say that OpenAI Five is giving up Dota entirely. Now, anyone who wants to challenge the AI can squad up and register to face OpenAI Five via Steam.

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The window to register for games against OpenAI Five will remain open until 6am PT on Thursday, April 18. After that, challengers will be able to test their skills against the AI through midnight on Sunday, April 21. Registrants will be able to choose between a ranked match against OpenAI Five, a casual game with friends, or a single-player option allowing players to join teams that are a mix of humans and AI.

In order to give everyone a chance to face the AI, registrants will be emailed a set time when they must be online to play their matches. So far, the AI has seen so much interest that the registration site went down briefly over the weekend.

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