Dota Auto Chess to drop Dota and launch mobile app

Dota 2's Icon Alexander Lee · 14 Mar 2019


Image via Drodo Games

Dota Auto Chess has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few months, reaching over 6 million subscribers amid rumors of a mobile release. Today, the game’s creators at Drodo Studios showed that the rumors were true, announcing that they are developing a mobile version of the game alongside Chinese mobile games publisher Dragonest.

With the backing of an official publisher, Drodo Studios plans to push Auto Chess beyond its origins as a Dota 2 modification, dropping “Dota from the name and founding a competitive league organized by ImbaTV with a 10,000,000 RMD (roughly $1.5 million USD) prize pool. Instead of Dota 2 heroes, the new mobile version of Auto Chess will feature a cast of original characters.

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Fun Fact: There is a long tradition of game modification in the esports. The original Defense of the Ancients began as a modification of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

The mobile version of Auto Chess is available for preorder for both iOS and Android phones on Dragonest’s website. At the time of this article’s publication, 174,365 users have already signed up to download Auto Chess once it’s available.

Fans of the original Dota Auto Chess need not worry that Drodo Studios has abandoned them; the company tweeted earlier today that it would continue to support the Dota 2 modification after the release of the mobile version of the game.

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