ESL One Katowice finals: Team Secret sweep to victory

Dota 2's Icon Michael Hassall · 25 Feb 2019


Dota 2 at ESL One Katowice wrapped up this weekend, and after a lot of twists and turns, we have our grand champion: Team Secret. In both the semis and grand final, Secret faced off with Gambit Esports, cleanly sweeping them over five straight games.

Following a trip to the losers bracket to hand a 2-0 defeat to OG, Gambit found themselves facing the unstoppable force of Team Secret after just having lost to them in the semifinals. This time, the games lasted longer, with Gambit seemingly infused with confidence from their earlier victories against OG. It was all for naught, though as Michał "Nisha" Jankowski and Yeik "MidOne" Nai Zheng stomped on a series of late-game carries.

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The most interesting thing about Team Secret’s play this tournament was the seeming lack of unique strategies and quirks displayed through their play-style. Secret didn’t just win, they beat teams using those teams’ own strategies, overwhelming them with superior skill.

In next week’s European Qualifiers for ESL One Mumbai, Gambit and the rest of the teams will have a welcome reprieve from the dominating form of Team Secret. Perhaps their absence will allow them to close the gap, turning 30-minute fights for survival into solid victories against the European super team.

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