Mineski deliver shocking upset to Chaos Esports Club on Day 4 at ESL One Katowice

Dota 2's Icon Michael Hassall · 23 Feb 2019


Day four of Dota 2 ESL One Katowice saw underdog Mineski pull off an upset win against fan favorites Chaos Esports Club. The southeast asian team humbled the Brazilians by utilizing item builds that would be considered greedy by most standards. By building an early Hand of Midas on three or even four of their team, Mineski were able to power farm an early advantage then buy big late-game items.

Game one’s 72-minute marathon was the proof of concept for Mineski’s game plan, with early Midas buys across the team and a BKB on Damien ‘kpii’ Chok. However, Chaos were able to withstand the assault, taking the match to an extreme late-game situation where they could force a mistake and take the win.

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Games two and three saw the perfect execution of the strat though, with Mineski’s core players quickly amassing gold and item leads, in turn translating into a dominant mid-game with some dramatic team fight victories. Chaos never seemed comfortable with Mineski’s aggression, instead relying on William "hFn" Medeiros to scale in the late game hyper-carry.

Tomorrow Mineski face a shaken Fnatic whose form has started to slip. With their greedy Midas strat, Mineski have the potential to double-up on tournament upsets.

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