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Popular caster and esports personality Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten, along with Aleksandar “Bukka” Bukurecki, recently announced the launch of a free Twitch extension known as Dota 2 Tooltips. The extension allows any Dota streamer to insert in-game tooltips directly into the broadcast itself. When a viewer of said stream hovers over any Items, Hero skills, Aghanim’s Scepter upgrades or Aghanim’s Shard upgrades, the in-game tooltip will appear. This allows viewers to directly access the in-game information at any time. 

The announcement post on SUNSfan’s website states that the extension is geared toward streamers and their viewers. The extension aims to allow players to gain access to information that wouldn’t be easily accessible while watching a stream. Dota is a constantly changing and evolving game; it takes a lot of time to recognize a change on stream. This is especially true for figuring out what that means for specific abilities and interactions. 

Dota tooltip extension
Image provided by SUNSfan

SUNSfan has also confirmed that this extension will be available on Android devices. An iOS version is also currently in development. Additionally, SUNSfan also plans to include Pro player MMR tracking, Hero skill videos and non-English language localization.

The extension itself brings several different modes. This includes a gaming mode that activates when a streamer enters a game and a spectating mode or when a streamer is viewing a replay. SUNSfan stated that they will keep the platform free until they’re more certain about how much servers cost to maintain. They have also considered charging larger streamers to use the platform. However, their focus will be on improving the free version of the app at this time.