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Dota has released the newest Patch 7.31, with it comes several map changes, new neutral champs, damage types, hero changes and an all-new hero, Primal Beast. This is the first major patch for Dota in well over a year.

New Neutral changes

Valve has released new Neutral camps in the jungle and made major reworks to all the existing Neutral camps. The Ancient Ice Shaman, Ancient Frostbitten Golem, and the Warpine raider are all-new Ancient creeps that players now have to deal with. All Neutral camps that already exist are also getting new active and passive abilities instead of just auras. For example, the Hill Troll Berserker now applies a Break onto any hero that is attacked by it. All Neutral camps also get progressively stronger over time, making them harder to kill as the game gos later. The bounties and experience given by each creep has also been increased.

Dota Patch 7.31 reveals new items

Valve has released a new item that is built through Witch’s Blade, called Revenant’s Brooch. The item is essentially a stronger version of Witch’s Blade that applies a damage over time effect. Wraith Pact is a new upgrade for Vladimir’s Offering that spawns a tiny Wraith Totem that reduces all enemy attack and spell damage as long as they are within a small area of the Totem. Boots of Bearing is a new support item that takes Tranquil Boots and Drums of Endurance, essentially saving an item slot for either item. While the recipe cost is high, it provides another option for supports to play around.

Primal Beast is the newest Dota Hero

The Primal Beast has been introduced as the newest Dota hero. First introduced in the New Bloom event in 2016, the Primal Beast was a part of Dota events but now has been turned into a hero.

Primal Beast’s spells:

  • Onslaught: The Primal Beast charges onto enemies in a direction after a small cast time
  • Trample: The Primal Beast stomps over an area and every enemy is slowed while taking damage.
  • Uproar: Slows enemies in a small area while providing Primal Beast with attack damage
  • Pulverize: The Primal Beast holds on to one enemy and slams them on the ground repeatedly. Any enemies in the area get mini stunned.

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