Does loot transfer from the Dark and Darker playtest?
Dark and Darker playtest
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Does loot transfer from the Dark and Darker playtest?

This unique fantasy game is still in development, so loot is limited to playtests

As one of the surprising new hits on Steam, Dark and Darker developed a big player base off of its unique combination between old-school fantasy games and modern battle royales. However, the game is still not officially out, with recent playtests as the only way players got a taste. With all the progress, weapons, and gear you obtain, does that carry over into future playtests or the main game’s release?

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Loot stays in its specific playtest

Long story short, no, any loot you acquire when playing Dark and Darker is specific to that playtest. Even if you play it again in another playtest, you will always start from scratch. So, if you know that a playtest is coming to an end soon, know that whatever you have isn’t staying around.

The one thing that does carry over is your knowledge of the game or which friends you play with.

When is the next Dark and Darker playtest?

As mentioned on the Dark and Darker Discord channel, the next playtest begins on Apr. 14 and ends on Apr. 19. For those five days, players can hop back into the crypts and tunnels of Dark and Darker. Their loot from their previous playtest won’t be there, but they can experience the game once again.

The team also confirmed that this will be the final playtest before the early access launch of the game. Once that happens, we’ll find out if progression carries on from early access to the launch, which most games do.

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