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Fortnite has certainly made a name for itself in the gaming world but now medical professionals are warning it’s also leading to a huge increase in knee problems. Why the sudden increase?  Flossing is to blame. Flossing is a dance that characters in the game can do much like the Taking the L and other dance emotes found in Fortnite. Now that the dance has become a craze in the real world, according to the Mirror one Physiotherapist has seen an increase in kids and adults coming in with pain inside or around their knee area.


Fortnite Flossing Explained

What exactly does the Floss Dance involve? Basically, you swing your arms and jerk from side to side. While our characters don’t suffer from health effects we certainly can. This does not translate well says Ed Thompson who is the physiotherapist mentioned in the article.

“Flossing involves a very lateral movement from left to right, but the knee is made to move in a hinge motion. This movement isn’t normal so can cause pain. When people come into my practice complaining with pains in the inner knee, they believe it’s because of dancing.When I press them on the dance moves they use, it tends to be flossing.”

What boggles the mind is that if popular dance moves we all know and love caused health problems then why are so many people still doing it? We wouldn’t have half the popular dances and moves from pop and rock if that were the case. People maybe simply aren’t doing the moves correctly and that’s why they are hurting themselves. A good dancer knows they need to warm up first. Fortnite this year has been a hot topic beyond just being the game such as leading to divorce, addictions, parents hiring coaches and keep making headlines no matter what. So Fortnite dancers, will you stop “Flossing” or will you proceed with caution? Turns out your health might be on the line if you’re not careful.

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