DJ Khaled learned a lot from his Overwatch League performance
DJ Khaled performing on stage for the Overwatch
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DJ Khaled learned a lot from his Overwatch League performance

The producer didn't realize it was a "gaming thing"
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DJ Khaled thought he was performing at a concert when he was heading to the Barclays Center in New York to play the Overwatch League Grand Finals in 2018. He didn’t completely understand what he wasn’t getting himself into.

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I think I’m performing at a concert but then I walk out on stage and it was a full gaming thing,” he said. “It was a great experience, but I learned so much. Made me study about how big that platform is.”

DJ Khaled answered some questions before a Fortnite Showdown he was to play in alongside Megan Fox. The record producer spoke briefly about his performance ahead of the 2018 Grand Finals between the Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire. He said it made him realize how many of his friends were into competitive gaming.

DJ Khaled and the Overwatch League

“People I never even knew were into that were calling me and telling me about that performance,” he said. 

Overwatch me!

DJ Khaled’s performance wasn’t received well by the Overwatch community, both online and in-person. You can see how enamored this little McCree fan was by his vocals and dance moves. The best part of the performance may have been when he yelled “Overwatch me!” to the audience.

At one point, DJ Khaled held the mic to the crowd during his performance of “No Brainer” only to hear very little response.

Outside the Overwatch League, DJ Khaled is an incredibly popular producer. The Miami Beach resident dropped his twelfth and most recent album, “Khaled Khaled,” on April 30. It hit the top of the Billboard charts the day it came out.

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