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Destiny 2‘s Raid Lair Prestige Mode went live a couple of days ago. Thousands of players have already completed these endgame PvE activities. Our team had also partaken in the activities, obtaining multiple clears and level 400 weapons in both Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars. Still, it’s worth noting that a number of Guardians may have trouble with the content. As such, we here at Daily Esports will help you out with our weekly weapon loadout guide.

Destiny 2 Raid Lair - Spire of Stars Prestige

Weekly Prestige Lair Modifier: Arsenal

Arsenal prevents you from reloading and removes your reserve ammo. You’ll need to empty your kinetic weapon which then provides ammo in the magazine for your energy weapon. Emptying that will then provide ammo for your power weapon. This might be annoying for some, but it’s actually highly beneficial. It means a near-limitless supply of power ammo.

What you’ll want to do is empty your kinetic and energy clips quickly in order to cycle to your power weapon as often as possible. This will allow you to do a lot of damage to enemy mobs and the bosses.

Weekly Prestige Lair Armsmaster – Pulse Rifles, Submachine Guns, Grenade Launchers

Kinetic Weapon: Pulse Rifle

Pulse rifles are decent for killing a couple of red bar mobs whenever you cycle to your kinetic. Other than that, you don’t want to be using them at all barring a few select situations. You’ll want to use the Battle Scar because of its full auto perk. You can quickly clear out enemies and empty your magazine as well. Other options include Nightshade, Time-Worn Spire, and Lincoln Green.

Energy Weapon: Submachine Gun

To get the most benefit from SMGs, put a Void mod when you’re doing Eater of Worlds and a Solar mod when doing Spire of Stars. This will ensure that you have something that can burn down Minotaur and Centurion shields immediately. Other than that, just empty the clip completely so you can cycle to your power weapon asap. Your best bet is the IKELOS_SMG_v1.01 which provides energy ammo on melee kills and can debuff enemies when you break their shields. You can actually play fairly aggressively by punching mobs and killing with your SMG, and once it runs out, just blast them with your power weapon.

Power Weapon: Grenade Launcher

The only clear-cut choice here is The Colony exotic grenade launcher. This is because the majority of other grenade launchers will cause you more harm than good. The moment a Minotaur teleports in front of you, or a Gladiator jumps in your face, you’ll just blow yourself up. With The Colony, you don’t even need to worry about that. Plus, you can fire it at great distances and the little spider grenades will seek out enemies hiding in nooks and crannies.

The Boss Fight Guide

Eater of Worlds – Argos

Pulse Rifles for harpies; Void SMGs or The Colony for Minotaurs. Have one Nightstalker tether adds over and over to generate orbs. You’ll do the most damage to the boss with supers than your actual weapons. Golden Guns with Celestial Nighthawk and Sunbreaker Hammers with Synthoceps definitely help. Warlocks should just spam Nova Bomb with the top tree.

During the transition phase when you need to destroy Argos’ body parts, alternate firing your pulse rifles via mini-teams. For instance, Team Solar shoots first, followed by Team Void, and then Team Arc. This ensures consistent critical hits with your pulse rifles without risking downtime when everyone runs out of ammo simultaneously.

Spire of Stars – Valus Ca’uor

This is all about wasting your entire kinetic and energy clips and just ensuring you have your grenade launcher prepped up at all times. Shoot a few mobs with your pulse rifles or SMGs every now and then, but keep blasting them with your Colony. Those spider mines can track and kill them, including pesky Centurions that keep on hiding.

You’ll want a Healing Rift underneath the boss as well as a Melting Point prior to the shield getting broken. This provides a boost for your Arcstriders spamming their super attacks. The non-Hunters in your team can pop their supers, and then drop down below to safer hiding spots. They’ll just use grenade launchers to do damage once their supers run out.