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The list of issues in Call of Duty: Vanguard continues to grow by the day. The most recent problem to surface within the Vanguard community is a visual bug on the map Desert Siege. Despite the map being sandy by default, this bug seems to take things to a whole new level.

Vanguard has been no stranger to glitches and bugs in the weeks since it was first released. The bug on Desert Siege is by no means game-breaking, like some of the other ones in the game, but it still needs to be taken care of. Sledgehammer is aware of a plethora of issues in Vanguard but this new bug on Desert Siege doesn’t appear to be on the company’s radar as of yet.

The visual bug on Desert Siege in Vanguard

The bug gained widespread awareness thanks to Reddit user A-Red-Panda, who posted a clip of their experience with it to the Vanguard subreddit. In the clip, they’re apparently caught in a sandstorm on Desert Siege, which is not an intended effect. While other maps, like Berlin, do have some dynamic weather, Desert Siege isn’t supposed to look like it’s in a full-blown sandstorm.

Desert Siege – sandstorm dynamic weather [visual bug] from CODVanguard

There’s no indication as to how this user got the visual bug to appear or if the others in the lobby were experiencing the same sandstorm. However, it does make Desert Siege look quite interesting and more like a Battlefield map than a Call of Duty one.

This particular clip was posted two days ago and it doesn’t appear that any other Redditors had experienced the bug. Sledgehammer has also yet to comment on the matter, as most of the developers are currently on holiday. If this bug makes the devs’ to-do list, it should show up on their Trello Board. If not, then players might be randomly subject to a brutal sandstorm when playing Desert Siege in Vanguard.