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Dennis made a name for himself in CS:GO and now comes back to the Ninjas.

Dennis “dennis” Edman returned as an active player to the Ninjas in Pyjamas about a month ago. He took time off for some much needed zen. We see him back with the Ninjas at IEM Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately the Ninjas went down to Fnatic in the semi finals. Nonetheless, we had the chance to catch up with dennis. He was a little down about losing to some old teammates, but still excited to be in Australia. Dennis talks about his time off, what’s on the horizon for 2019, and much more.

Coming back to NiP

We asked dennis what it feels like to come back to CS:GO and play with his team on stage at IEM Sydney:

It feels awesome! My expectations was, I didn’t know what to expect, but [the team] surprised me a lot, and I’m very happy to come back into the team… it was easy [to get back into the teamwork]. We’ve known each other for a very long time and we’ve played together for a long time. So I instantly came back to the team and I’ve been playing better since the break.

During his time off, dennis had the chance to relax and have some family time:

I was just at home, taking it easy, being with my kid and my girlfriend.

The Ninjas have a fairly hectic roster for this year. Among other things, they have the Dreamhack Masters event in Dallas. With a lot going on, dennis and the team are excited about what’s on the horizon. But they also understand it’s going to be a lot of work. Dennis commented on their next few months, saying “it’s going to be a tough couple of months.”

Now for the fun stuff

Esports is such a growing industry. We know from lots of recent studies that the business of esports is exploding. But what about the players? As more money comes into the scene, surely the players get to do more amazing things. We asked dennis what have been some of the best things he’s been able to do because of esports. Among the traveling, with a chuckle he says he’s:

Bought a house, bought an expensive car — I have a C63SE Mercedes, I have a few bikes. I get to spend money, and I get to travel a lot. But I don’t really like travelling, because I hate flying.

It’s good to see dennis is using his esports winnings to support his family and have some fun at the same time. IEM Sydney was dennis’ first time in Australia. He and the team are planning some exciting activities:

We’re going to the Blue Mountains — I’m very excited. So far, we’ve just seen Sydney. I’ve always wanted to come here; I don’t have much time, but hopefully we’ll see some fun stuff!

We’re not sure if he enjoyed the trip to the Blue Mountains, but dennis certainly enjoyed the rowdy Australian crowd.

Why dennis? This is a question we like to ask players. Where did they get their gamertags from? Dennis has kept his given name as his IGN. And we found out why:

Actually, I don’t know! I just played a game, and I had no nickname, so I just went with my name.

Well, we guess all mysteries can’t be solved. We wish dennis and the whole team at NiP all the best for the rest of this year. For more on IEM Sydney, see the final results, as well as an interview with woxic. Plus, keep an eye out for more interviews incoming from IEM Sydney.

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