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Back in late October, Riot Games announced a new long-term partnership with Prime Gaming that would make Prime an official global sponsor for all of Riot’s esports titles. As part of that deal, Riot completely revamped the Prime giveaway schedule for League of Legends. Previously, players could simply unlock a free skin shard each month. Now, players can receive a whole list of items that far exceed the value of a single skin. The November capsule went live with the announcement on Oct. 27. Today, the December Prime Gaming Capsule was finally released as well.

What’s included in the League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule?

The Prime Gaming Capsule is handed out monthly on the official League of Legends Prime Gaming page. To receive the capsules, players need to be active subscribers to Amazon Prime, whether by a regular membership, a student subscription or a free trial.

For those that are just learning about Riot’s new giveaway, the following list covers everything included in the League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule:

  • 650 RP
  • 1x 1,350 RP Skin Permanent (Unowned)
  • 200 Orange Essence
  • 5x Champion Shards
  • 2x Series 1 Eternal Shards
  • 30-Day XP Boost

The capsule comes with 650 RP and 200 orange essence. Furthermore, players receive a 1,350 RP value skin guaranteed to be one they don’t already own. Finally, the capsule also contains five champion shards, two Series 1 Eternal shards and a 30-day experience boost. Players that already own the Eternals (and those that simply don’t want them) can disenchant them for more orange essence.

How many Prime Capsules will Riot Games release?

Looking at the Prime Gaming release schedule for League of Legends, we can see at least seven Prime Gaming Capsules in total. The two for November 2021 and December 2021 have already been released. There are also scheduled releases set for January, February, March, April and May of 2022. Beyond that, there is one “Bonus Content” release also scheduled for May, which will most likely be an esports emote tied to the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational.

There are also future giveaways scheduled from June 2022 through January 2023, currently all marked as “To Be Announced.” Neither Riot Games nor Prime Gaming have given any indication as to what those giveaways may entail. We will cover any and all future updates as they become available.