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One of the larger complaints coming out of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War open beta concerns the lag. For most of the player base, there has been an inconsistent connection issue present since the beginning of the beta. For others, the connection has been fine but this seems to be an outlier feeling. On social media, those who have been experiencing some lag have let Treyarch know. As this is a beta, the developers want as much information as possible so they can make changes for the full release. However, one developer, David Vonderhaar, said he’s making the connection problem his top priority.

The lag issue in Black Ops Cold War

Since what we’re playing is a beta, things within the current build can’t be taken too officially. Sure, most of the gameplay content is going to stay the same. However, the backend side of things, like weapon stats and server issues, are fixable. In fact, Treyarch is banking on issues popping up so they can properly adjust for the November 13 launch.

One of the biggest issues that have popped up has been the constant lag. Players are reporting unstable connections even though their internet speeds are top-notch. Numerous complaints have rolled in and the lead designer at Treyarch, David Vonderhaar, even commented on the reports last night.

Vonderhaar says that he hears the issues about the connection in Black Ops Cold War. Obviously, lag is one thing that can kill a Call of Duty title upon arrival, so the developer states he’s giving the issue “a lot of attention right away”. While it’s unlikely we’ll see a huge fix come by the end of the open beta, hopefully, we see a resolution by launch.

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