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David Vonderhaar, the former Design Director for Treyarch Studios, doesn’t seem too thrilled about his recent departure. Late last week, it was revealed that Activision had asked him to distance himself from Call of Duty for the foreseeable future. Vonderhaar has been with Treyarch since the development of Call of Duty: World at War. However, since this announcement, it seems he wants to spill the beans on his former employer, Activision. On Twitter, he asked OpTic H3CZ if he could fly out to Texas and talk about everything that happened, presumably for the Eavesdrop Podcast.

Serving as not only the design director for Treyarch but an informant for the community, the fans’ reaction to Vonderhaar’s departure was not positive. Although, if this is the only way fans get to hear about the inner workings of Activision, so be it.

All about to revealed on the Eavesdrop Podcast?

Eavesdrop Pocast
OpTic H3CZ’s most recent Eavesdrop Podcast had him sit down with the founder of Echo Fox and former NBA player Rick Fox.

Began by OpTic H3CZ in September 2018, the Eavesdrop Podcast is a conversational show between H3CZ and a special guest. This guest usually relates to the world of gaming and there are quite often some juicy topics covered throughout the show.

In the podcast’s second episode, David Vonderhaar himself was a guest. He and H3CZ chatted about the then-upcoming Black Ops 4 and the previous titles Treyarch had developed. Nothing controversial came out of the episode, though Vonderhaar did let some BO4 information slip for the community.

We’re guessing he will be much more revealing in what he says a second time around. Here’s his formal request to appear on the podcast:

David Vonderhaar Eavesdrop Podcast
Via u/PandasChamps2019

While he doesn’t say the words “Eavesdrop Podcast,” it’s implied this is what he meant. When he says “for the greater good of this world,” he’s referring to letting fans in on what goes on behind the scenes at Call of Duty.

OpTic H3CZ did retweet this, so we obviously know there’s mutual interest. When this comes to fruition and what will be said is a whole other story. Hopefully, Vonderhaar lets loose and doesn’t hold anything back when talking about his former employer.