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Even with Call of Duty: Warzone only being a week old, it’s quickly become one of the top games on the market. Streamers everywhere are consistently broadcasting the game and the player count continues to rise. It’s unclear if this momentum will continue, but as of right now, Warzone is the top dog. It’s because of this success that Activision may be on the verge of adding in a new LTM already. Data-miners have found evidence of the ‘High Action’ LTM in the game files, signaling its arrival.

Is Warzone already adding new LTMs?

While we didn’t know Activision’s plan for the future, it’s not surprising to learn an LTM is in the works. In order to keep up with other battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends, Warzone needs to stay fresh with its content. Of course, one of the ways to do this is to add in different modes alongside the standard playlists.

It appears that’s exactly what Activision and Infinity Ward are planning, as data-miners discovered. With the new update in Modern Warfare yesterday, it seems that some information was put in the files. This information directly relates to Warzone, and it describes the new ‘High Action BR.’

This leak comes courtesy of @ModernWarzone on Twitter. The account has correctly leaked Warzone details in the past, so they’re fairly reliable.

According to the leak, High Action is simply Warzone battle royale but kicked up a few notches. There’s more Cash, more opportunities for loadouts, and extra killstreaks. Obviously, this sounds good and bad, as more loadouts and killstreaks could be somewhat annoying. Nevertheless, the action in this mode would be nonstop and fast-paced, which is appealing to some players.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments to this story here at Daily Esports.

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